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Clients Trust Julie Levy law

Clients Trust Julie Levy Law

With over 20 years in the legal profession, I provide my clients with a comfortable and safe environment to discuss their legal issues, enabling clients to be authentic and vulnerable without judgment. Trust is created at the initial contact and I encourage clients to be completely honest, telling me all of the facts, so I can analyze and convey the possible courses of action for their situation.

Hire a Strong Litigator & Client Advocate

Hire a Strong Litigator & Client Advocate

I am a strong litigator and understand the pressure clients are under.  When I take on a case, I manage costs while balancing the interests between ongoing litigation and settlement.  I understand the emotions that come with litigation and do my best to assist clients in determining their best course of action.

Santa Rosa Lawyer with Compassion

A Lawyer with Compassion & Strength

I am a very good listener and this makes a decisive difference in having my clients feel comfortable.  Many clients have a fear of asking for help, especially when faced with an unexpected legal issue such as bankruptcy, divorce, or custody issues, and I take pride in making clients feel at ease.

Julie Levy Law Bankruptcy Lawyer

We Focus on Your Best Interests

Clients choose my law firm, Julie Levy Law because of my combined experience, integrity, and competence.  My clients know I am focused on their best interests.  They know they are in competent hands and we will work together for the best outcome possible.

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